Cumana celebrates 500 years with music and cultural events
AVN / 2015-11-27
The city of Cumana, capital of Sucre state, held this Friday the 500th anniversary of its founding with cultural, religious ceremonies and a series of structural roadwork that have already been opened and others that are in progress
Maya Festival Begins in Mexico with Cuba as Guest Country
Prensa Latina / 2015-10-16

The International Festival of Maya Culture begins today in the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan, with Cuba as guest country and a wide artistic delegation of the island

Cuban Singer Pablo Milanes Dedicates Concert to Gabo
Prensa Latina / 2015-10-02
Cuban singer-songwriter, Pablo Milanes, will perform today in Colombia to pay tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, during the festival dedicated to the famous writer
Portal ALBA Cultural / 2015-09-17
6th Meeting of the Ministers of Culture of ALBA-TCP countries
ALBA-TCP Culture Ministers Meeting Winds up in Havana
ACN / 2015-09-17
At the end of the meeting, it was announced that Bolivia will be the nation that will host the Seventh Meeting of Culture Ministers of the countries that are members of the ALBA-TCP, in September 2016
Cuba To Host First Salsa Carnival
Prensa Latina / 2015-09-15
The first Cuban carnival of salsa will be held on Feb. 25-28 next year and foreign artists are expected to attend, announced the Cuban music website Suena Cubano
Cuban Musician Pablo Milanes to Honor Gabo in Next Concert
Prensa Latina / 2015-09-14
The free performance of Milanes will be hosted by the Fundacion Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano, founded by Garcia Marquez, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982
Arte cubana pode ser conferida em mostra na Câmara dos Deputados
/ 2015-08-26

Um conjunto de 32 obras, de 14 artistas da nação-ilha mais populosa do Caribe, aborda os diferentes pontos de vista do panorama artístico do país

Tucume Museum celebrates 22nd anniversary of inauguration
ANDINA / 2015-08-20

The museum was originally a huge exhibition hall built using local materials and following architectural features of the place

Publication du livre « Paix et respect pour Haïti, la première république noire au monde »
Prensa Latina / 2015-07-28

Des écrivains francophones résidants dans différents pays ont publié un livre de poèmes en appui aux milliers de Haïtiens et à leurs descendants qui affrontent un rapatriement de la République Dominicaine