About the indigenous Cuban natives and their present descendents
CUBARTE / 2014-09-02

The descendents of original Indo-Cubans were a major presence to the International Colloquium about Indigenous Cultures of America, that was organized and celebrated at the Casa de las Américas, Havana

Dobru, my Suriname, our Caribbean
CUBARTE / 2014-07-07

With in these pages that cover the short but fruitful existence of this poet offered to his homeland those heartfelt verses of the most widely known poem he has ever written: one Surinam, so many hair types, so many skin colors, so many tongues, one people

Bienal de Havana: três décadas de arte com marca própria
Prensa Latina / 2014-05-22

Seu caráter renovador e capacidade para aproximar a produção artística às pessoas distinguem hoje a Bienal de Havana, que em suas três décadas de vida continua sendo um dos eventos de maior prestígio no mundo

“¿Afecta la edición digital el mercado del libro?”
MICSUR / 2014-05-16

Con la participación de diez países de América del Sur se desarrollan rondas de negocios regionales e internacionales, foros, charlas, stands de países y presentaciones de música, entre otras actividades

Sacrilegio album
CUBARTE / 2014-04-25

Contrary to what many people may think, a Sacrilegio (Sacrilege) may be something wonderful and it is not always directed towards disrespecting sacred things

Manuel Galich un Latino-américain dans sa Casa
Lettres de Cuba / 2014-02-01

Le Guatémaltèque est devenu une personnalité essentielle de la Cuba révolutionnaire qui a reçu sa contribution dans les espaces et les projets de la Casa de las Américas

Lila Downs owns Cuban hearts in her first concert
CUBARTE / 2013-11-14

Lila Downs is one of the artists of reference within today´s panorama of Mexican music

Bayamo: 500 Years of History
Radio Habana Cuba / 2013-11-05

Residents in the eastern city of Bayamo and Cubans in general today celebrate the 500th anniversary of its founding as the second city set up on the island by Spanish Conqueror, Diego Velázquez, on November 5, 1513

ICAIC and Several Film Authorities in Latin America Say Good-bye to Pablo Ramos
CUBANOW / 2013-06-04

The Cuban film industry regrets the recent loss of Pablo Ramos, who for 25 years was coordinator of the Network of Latin American Children’s Audiovisual Universe (UNIAL) of the Havana International Festival of New Latin American Cinema

Toussaint Louverture Arrives on the Big Cuban Screen
CUBANOW / 2013-04-23

One man played a leading role in the feat creating the conditions for the definitive abolition of slavery in Haiti and, as a result, in the entire world: Toussaint Louverture.